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It is a fool who looks to a finger that points to the sky however, there is a timeless voice in art which speaks to a plane on which the human race has been elevated into a higher consciousness. Transcendence which demonstrates the interconnectivity of the natural world sparks creativity in the artistic realm in which the artist generates his medium and shows the world’s transience is like a site where only some have been. …

An Answer by Guest author Cesar Gutierrez (


everywhere there are whispers and promises

everywhere there is life

beauty gathers in the farthest corners

and crawls beneath the heaviest rocks

from the dangerous heights, a slender tree grows

and birds call “home”

in the thinnest soil, delicate flowers thrive

a warm moon glows

even concrete and steel cannot hide the native beauty

even unnatural disasters cannot break our hearts

though we stuble a hundred times over the (omitted) of our brethren

cry a thousand tears

recite a million prayers

still we rise

there is light in every darkness…

All You Have Forgotten II/II (do not copy w/o permission) by Luc Jansen

The sight of an American child in the village was a rare occurance. Sometimes Adam would stop by the family home after dinner and speak with the trio who stayed a year or more with their family, and learned Spanish as well as he did. Two thoughtful NGO volunteers, Joel and Henry were there as well. …

All You Have Forgotten I/II (do not copy w/o permission)

by Luc Jansen (2020)

They were an educated group of University graduates who to this day realized their good fortune after obtaining sought after positions in the well known Guatemalan programs and others, in the El Salvadorian programs. Softspoken and articulate, the introductions from their colleagues of varied parts of the US eased them into the journey which landed them in a developing nation’s metropolis. …

(for ages 10–20 3/8) (by Luc Jansen)

It was in the dawn of the 80s, when the ballad Valotte surfaced on the airwaves and brought a harmonic melody drenched in stirring piano. You could relate to the gentleman’s sentiment, the one he elevated like a javelin to the midpoint of the song.

And when one walked among the oak and maple lined trail towards the west if the song sparked some wonderment within your mind, another song would do the same a moment later.

One such song was a Sort of Homecoming and the live version showcased the Windmills nearby…

The Beginning, the End, and the Beginning (for ages 12.5–23 7/8)

by Luc Jansen

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The BEGINNING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We arrived at the airport in the middle of the day and quickly found a three-member group of shoeless street children, ages 6–8. …

A Letter to Nikolai


MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 2001(Luc Jansen)

On Labor Day we left the hotel in NYC a little after 8 am and boarded the subway to Times Square, Manhattan. There we transferred from the N train to the number seven train to Flushing, Queens. Next to me sat a man reading the sports page, circling any bits of information he found interesting. One of the headlines mentioned an impending showdown between Pete Sampras and Patrick Rafter.

We had bought tickets without any idea who was to play, so when we asked another fan which matches were…

Hiking Scenery of 2016

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They have run out of blue ink.………. *%@$! I S I S

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